Nittany Valley 1500th Weekend Event

From August 04, 2017 15:00 until August 06, 2017 12:00
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Registration Opens in April 13th at 8:00pm EDT!

We are celebrating our 1500th-ish with another awesome weekend with plenty of Beer, Beer Pong, Flip Cup, A river to swim in, Tour de Chug, Beer, Hot Breakfasts, Dinner on Friday and Saturday nights, Live Band, DJ, Beer, Midnight Naked Trail, Beer, and Lots of Trails in Central PA forests.

Pricing:  $109.30

Short Bus:  +$35.30 (limited to first 20 who rego to be filled at a later date at the whim of the organizers... if you don't get in the first 20, its up to you to figure out who you have to blow to get on the bus!)

Register Online

Who's Coming

Rego # Hash Name Home Hash Status
1 Roofie Bear Nittany Valley HHH Pending
2 Stick It In My Socket NVHHH Paid
3 Widemouth Bass Carolina Trash Pending
4 Can You Rear Me Now Sisterhood of the Trashy Nitwits Paid
5 Jingle Jizz Homeless H3 Paid
6 Blue Balls Blocker So happy it's Tuesday Paid
7 Thanks But I Can't Fit it in So happy it's Tuesday Paid
8 Vaginger Monologues So happy it's Tuesday Paid
9 TMI SMUTTy Crab H3 Paid
10 Ass Spelunker DC Road Whores Paid
11 Late Nite Drive Thru DC Road Whores Paid
12 Mount me in the mud Buffalo Paid
13 Legs Over Easy DCRW Paid
14 Empire Strikes Black Oth4 Paid
15 pita DCH4 Paid
16 Widemouth Bass Carolina Trash Paid
17 Pretty Pretty Pittsburgh Friendly Toast H3 / BFM Paid
18 The Walking Head So happy it's Tuesday Paid
19 Clappy Hogtown Paid
20 Chestnuts Sisterhood of the Traveling Bitches Paid
21 Moremen pukes tonight Baltimore Annapolis h3 Paid
22 Sex Toy Hogtown Paid
23 the udder ho so happy it's tuesday Paid
24 Fire in the Cornhole Hilbilly H3 Paid
25 Math Sucks, Let's F*ck! DC Road Whores Paid
26 Quick Closing Mount Vernon Paid
27 HuMMeR NYCH3 Pending
28 Cox Stroker Pittsburgh H3 Pending
29 Motherload Boston H3 Paid
30 Oodles Pgh-H3 Paid
31 My Holes Matter H5 Paid
32 Dragnet NVHHH / H5 Paid
33 DogE Style Rumson Paid
34 Slut Machine Colorado Kimchi Paid
35 TuTu Fairy Nittany Valley HHH Paid
36 Funcubus Nittany Valley HHH Paid
37 Circle Jerkinator Nittany Valley HHH Paid
38 District 69 WH4/DCRW Paid
39 The Cock Whisperer A3H3 Paid
40 AssAssInNation BFMH3 Paid
41 Fort Dixalot BFM STD Paid
42 International House Of Virgins Blue Hen H3 Paid
43 Tits of Steel BFM/Gossip Girls H3 Paid
44 DonaldDick YachtClub Paid
46 I Can't Dive 55 DC Road Whores Paid
47 Pounded In The Can BFMH3 Paid
48 Capitol Cockshare DCPH4 Paid
49 Wishboneher H5 SHIT SHOW Paid
50 Free2lay Harrisburg Hershey Paid
51 phwedgie Harrisburg Hershey Paid
52 Don't Ask Don't Shhhhh Carolina Trash Paid
53 Cheese Jizz DCH4 Paid
54 Egg Fucker LVH3 Paid
55 G. I. RVMSON Paid
56 DIAL F DC Road Whores Paid
57 dwarfus interruptus WH4 Paid
58 Swings Both Ways Eerie Paid
59 Superman Sembach Paid
60 Stain Gretzky EWH3 Paid
61 Department of Vegetable Affairs (DeVA) Hillbilly H3 Paid
62 Deer Penthouse Hillbilly H3 Paid
63 Kim Slong-ungh WH4 Paid
64 Fart Blue Hen H3/NVHHH Paid
65 Toxic Waste BH4 Paid
66 Schlabotnik the Russian Sausage Mullet EH3 Paid
67 Dolly Fartin EH3 Paid
68 MacGyverMuffdiver BFMHHH Paid
69 Princess & The Poo HbH3 Paid
70 Lichtenschtabbed Hillbilly H3 Paid
71 Little Cock That Won't So Happy It's Tuesday Paid
72 Liquor Box LVH3 Paid
73 Duh NVHHH Paid
74 Mommy, May I Hash? CLH3 Paid
75 Daddy's Dick White House H3 Paid
76 Do Lay Me White House H3 Paid
77 Orgie porgie puddin n pie BFMH3 Pending
78 Camel Toe Ya-Ho! LVH3 Paid
79 DrKraut NVHHH Paid
80 Cause for Blindness Ben Franklin Mob (STD) Paid
81 Shetland Blow Me EWH3 Paid
82 Sex-A-Sketch Lehigh Valley H3 Paid
83 3wayRunaway LVH3 Paid
84 Lips of steel Pitth3 Pending
85 Slothy Seconds BFMH3 Paid