KNURD 2018

On May 10, 2018
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2018 KNURD Registration open! [The Official Announcement]


Halve Mein Proudly Invites You to Join Us for the FIFTEENTH KNURD!

This year, KNURD stands for the (K)Northeastern Unofficial Run for Drunks! We're sticking with this one now!  It's still not a Red Dress! It still is a camp out weekend with a shiggy trail. We can all enjoy a full weekend of fun and general debauchery together.

Underneath it all, we humans are really a bunch of animals.  We react to our base instincts in ways that are no better than a sex-crazed monkey, a rutting horse, or a randy lion stalking the Serengeti.  Anthropologist Clifford Geertz once said "man is an animal suspended in webs of significance he himself has spun."  We belong in a zoo.  Or maybe a pound.  Thus, we're calling this weekend poundmetoo.   No need to come up with a costume for Friday's camp crawl.  We'll take care of that for you, ya filthy animal.  It's time for the animals to speak!

The weekend will take place May 11-13, 2018.  We're looking forward to this one (as we always do!) and we hope that you all can join us at Camp Woodhaven.

Registration fee of $90.00 (until March 31st) includes a full weekend of silliness, Haberdashery, ID Tag, a freaking 400 acre camp ground all to ourselves with kegs of beer and food, Shiggy Run, Trail Beer, Circle beer, spontaneous UGH’s, and self guided nature walks.  Paid Regos go up to $100 on April 1st, and to $120 After April 30th, so don't be that guy!  Get in on the fun early for less dollars.

Crash space couldn't be simpler!  Bring a tent.  If you don't own a tent, there is limited space in a few small lodges, or there may be canvas tents on podiums that you can throw an air mattress under (or a hasher you can throw yourself under.)

Friday – May 11
Camp opens and Kegs tapped 3PM
Join us for the Theme Camp Crawl
Hares: The Halve Mein Harriettes
Location: Camp
Time: 8:00PM - Fall Down

Saturday - May 12
Northeastern Unoffical Drunken Event

(9AM) Breakfast
(11AM) Drunks go Run! TRAIL
(2PM) Lunch and Games at the Field
(6PM) Dinner
(7PM) Circle
(9PM) Dance Off, Pants Off / Foolishness
(12PM) UGH

Sunday - May 13
(9AM) Breakfast
(10AM) Beer Mile at the Field
(11AM) Kick the Kegs / Cartwheels / Whoredocking
(12PM) GTFO.  Go kiss your mother with your filthy mouth.

Camp Clean up/Pack up/Annulments/Bail Postings/Confession/Returning the stolen animals/Reorienting yourself to real life to follow


To your friends.  To cool hashers.  To other kennels.  To your kennel.  NOT to FEMA, Homeland Security, police and fire agencies.  Many thanks!    See the website for all the details!