Secret Mystery Winter Trail Run

From January 11, 2020 22:19 until January 12, 2020 00:19
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Secret Mystery Winter Trail Run

5 Mile Eagle Trail Run and 2 mile Turkey Group Run

     Sat. Jan. 11, 2020  10:17am

Location: Secret Mystery wooded area North Brunswick/ East Bruns, South B For registered, an email will be sent with secret start location.


- Get bitten by starving animals              - Touch 29,000 Volts of Electricity 

- Cut your leg on sharp branches             - Slip on ice & break bones

- Slip on snow and break arm                     

- Run into tree branches, poke eye out  - Angry deer with huge antlers

- Fall into marsh                                     - Exploding gas pipelines

- Giant Sticker bushes                           - Slide off mud cliffs

- Get hit in head with cement              - Bad drivers from New York

- Crawl under barbed wire                            who don’t speak English

Plus super pissed off hunters angry that the hashers trespassed on their land and scared away the deer,    [Possible nudity by women]

      Only $20.00      Register online at

 Free skull items for Pre-registered. $25.69 by mail to enter

$30.00 DAY OF EVENT.  Volunteer receive free beer and goodies. 

Fun info at

 Please bring a can food donation for St. Matthews Edison Food Bank

       Post Run Party held at secret location to be emailed to pre-registered. A fun time is guaranteed! You must be over 21 years old to participate. No times are recorded.  A sense a humor is a must. Prizes & giveaways at the post race social. You don’t even need to run to participate.

       If you are unable to run you can volunteer. Volunteers receive free beer, Pirate sling bag and skull bandanna. If you wish to volunteer call Kenneth Vercammen Esq. at 732-572-0500 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Trail set by“hare” The Senator Ken Vercammen (The runner in the red, white & blue flag shorts Captain America)   Look for the Hash skull banner at the start. Sponsored by the Rumson Hash House Harriers, founders of the Cheesequake Hashathon.Please make $25.69 checks payable to Vercammen Assoc. PC, and mail along with this flyer to:Kenneth Vercammen Law Office, 2053 Woodbridge Ave, Edison, NJ  08817.  [We prefer you register online]  Free for volunteers

Name: ____________________________________________Age: ______________

Email address: ___________________________________ Sex (circle) straight/other/ none 

Waiver of Injury:  I hash for fun and admit if I get hurt it’s my own fault.  I recognize that no one has insurance and agree not to file any type of claim or lawsuit ever.      


Past photos at Group

Secret Mystery Trail Run Frozen Winter Trail Run trail run and party

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