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The data to generate the above map of kennel locations and information is provided by the regional hash websites that keep track of the master lists of kennels. If your kennel information (or location on the map) is incorrect or your kennel is not listed at all (meaning you have not provided latitude and longitude information), please contact the appropriate regional website so that they may update their data. To find your GPS coordinates, a useful website is http://www.latlong.net. Please list your coordinates in decimal format (eg, Latitude: 40.793395, Longitude: -77.860001) instead of degree format (eg, 40° 47' 36.2220'' N, 77° 51' 36.0036'' W).

 Regional Website Areas Covered
 Half-Mind.com  North America/Central America/South America kennels
 Hash.ca  Canadian kennels

Currently only connected to the above databases. Others will be added in the future.